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Israel Ismaj


Dr. Ismaj has been practicing General Dentistry since 1972, and was educated in the UCLA dental program. He first underwent implant dentistry training in 1985 at the University of Washington in Seattle, which was conducted by Professor Per-Ingvar Brenemark. A year later in December of 1986, Dr. Ismaj was invited by Professor Brenemark to present cases that he had done during that year in his original office in Chula Vista, California. Dr. Ismaj is certified by the Academy of Osseoinegration. To meet the certificate's requirements, Dr. Ismaj presented evidence of completing 200 hours of continuing education over a three-year period, including 85 hours of core knowledge. He also submitted four case presentations covering the following categories: single tooth, fixed partial denture (fixed bridge), full arch fixed reconstruction, and over denture. Dr. Ismaj has been an AO member for three consecutive years and attended at least two Annual Meetings during that time.

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